Elementary Grading

Greetings, Elementary Parents!

We have made a few changes to our reporting system at the elementary level this year!

  • Elementary report cards and progress reports will be distributed electronically this year

Families will be notified ahead of the reporting period that the documents are available in Skyward. Skyward can be accessed through ANY computer, tablet, or smartphone. Please be sure that you have shared your most updated email address with your child’s school so that you will have access.

    • If you need assistance accessing the parent portal in Skyward, please follow this link:

    • Paper copies of report cards and progress reports will be made available to families by request.
      Please contact your school’s principal
      for a paper copy.

  • Progress Reports will not be sent this year

Our elementary reporting period in the first trimester coincides with parent-teacher conferences, and we would much prefer to share your child’s progress in person! During the second and third trimesters, teachers will be in contact with you frequently by email and through ClassDoJo. If you have questions or concerns at any time, please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher!

  • The elementary schools use a true, standards-based grading system

All standards are end-of-year standards, and children have an entire school year to meet them. Your child’s grades will always reflect where s/he is on the journey to meeting those standards. This means that you should expect to see 2s and 3s on your child’s report card in the first trimester, and these are not cause for concern. They indicate that your child is progressing appropriately for his/her age and grade level.

  • Grades will be based on a 4-point scale

You may interpret your child’s grades as follows:

    • Level 1: Not yet meeting the END OF YEAR benchmark; Little or no command of the standards

    • Level 2: Partially meeting the END OF YEAR benchmark; Partial command of the standards (Beginning)

    • Level 3: Approaching the END OF YEAR benchmark; Moderate command of the standards(Developing)

    • Level 4: Meeting the END OF YEAR benchmark; Strong command of the standards (Secure)

  • The report card has been updated - it is much simpler and contains fewer grades

Families will be able to access a complete and detailed list of all the standards that are addressed in their child’s grade level below.

If you have any questions about the new report card or Skyward, please contact Mrs. Julie Mayhew, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, at 401-568-1301, extension 1115, or at mayhewj@bsd-ri.net .