Tech Support for Parents & Students

Summer Technical Support:

  • Technical support for students and devices will be limited during the summer;

  • Families needing technical support are asked to fill out this Support Form;

  • Arrangements for device exchanges are to be made with the office of the student's FY22 school during the school's summer hours;

Summer Chromebook Loaners

  • Students participating in Extended School Year, Summer School, or Title I programs who need Chromebooks can borrow a loaner from their school;

  • Loaners are available at the school offices during the school's summer office hours;

  • Pickup and return arrangements for loaners are to be made with the school;

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Webcam/Microphone Issue

Please try the following tests before:

  1. Go to to test your webcam.
    Follow the directions to see if your webcam works.

  2. Go to to test your microphone.
    Follow the directions to see if your microphone works.

  • If your webcam and microphone pass, see the information below to confirm that Google Meet will have access to them;

  • If your webcam and/or microphone fails one of the tests, please fill out the Support Form;

ContentKeeper Login Screen

Content Keeper - Login Screen

ContentKeeper is our district's web filter. When logged in with our district's Google accounts, our students are assigned an age-appropriate content filter policy.

If your student receives a ContentKeeper login screen, the web filter is having trouble determining which account your student is using and what filtering policy your student should receive.

After a few seconds (maybe up to 30 seconds), when the CKAuthenticator icon in the web browser changes from "off' to "on", your student should be able to click the "Home" icon in the browser and he or she should be taken to their homepage.

  • If you wait, press "Home", and still see this screen, please try again in another minute.

  • If you still have an issue, please fill out the Support Form.