Virtual Learning

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

  • Microphones must be muted at all times during Live Classes and Live Meets. The teacher will let the student, or students, know when to un-mute, then to mute again. **Please be aware that ANY background noise (televisions, arguing, swearing, siblings, animals, etc.) is audible when your child’s mic is not muted, and everyone who is online can hear what is happening in your home at that time. Establishing a quiet learning space will allow your child to have a positive learning experience away from distractions.

  • Silly props, animals, foul language, side conversations, and other disrespectful behaviors and noises are inappropriate. Please stress the importance of respect during distance learning with your child, and please provide necessary supervision for your child as needed. All of these things disrupt the flow of our very short classes and interfere with the learning of all students.

  • It is inappropriate and unacceptable for students to take photographs or video of their teachers, or to post any photos or videos of teachers on social media, at any time, and certainly not during online sessions.

  • Students who engage in any of these behaviors will be removed from the Live Class for that session, and will need to make up both the instructional time and the work missed. If it becomes necessary to remove a student from a class, parents will be contacted.

  • Parents, we appreciate that you are trying to help, but we need you to refrain from interrupting teachers or speaking directly to teachers during instruction. It’s disruptive and causes more confusion. We are happy to have your suggestions - just please email them directly to teachers after class is over!