Skyward Family Access:

Skyward Family/Student Access is a secure, Internet-based website that will allow you to see certain information about your students. We are very excited about how Family/Student Access will help you stay informed about your student and hope that we can use this tool to create a stronger relationship between parents and our school community.

Accessing Skyward:
  • If you know your Skyward Access login and password, please click here to go directly to the Skyward login page.
  • If you do not know your Skyward Access login and password or have forgotten your information, please click here.

Skyward Family Access - Contact Information Management:

Within Skyward, you can manage your contact information by clicking “My Account” at the top of the page.

  • Email Address - this should be the email address that you most want to be reached at fro all communication types;

  • Primary Number - this should be the number that you most want to be reached at for all communication types; can be any type of number - home, cell, etc.

  • Secondary and Tertiary Numbers - these are additional numbers that you can be reached at; they have an optional dropdown menu to identify what kind of number it is.

Skyward Family Access - Skylert:

Skylert is Burrillville School Department’s messaging solution for contacting parents and guardians.  By clicking "Skylert", you can use the matrix grid (shown below) to select how you would like to be contacted in certain situations:
  • School Hours Emergency
    These messages are reserved for critical emergencies and are delivered during school hours (roughly 7 AM to 4 PM);
  • Attendance
    This is the phone call you get when your child has been reported absent;
  • General
    These non-emergency messages are general in nature and typically delivered between 5PM and 9PM;

  • Non-School Hours Emergency
    These messages are delivered outside of school hours; this is the type of message used for school cancellations due to severe weather;

    Simply check the boxes for each message type you'd like to receive on that number or email address
Justin Allen,
Sep 3, 2018, 11:33 AM