Kindergarten Music

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Here you can find the resources for Kindergarten Music Curriculum, arranged by trimester and unit. Expand the trimester to reveal what your student will be working on.

Trimester 1

  • Unit 1.1 - Reading, Writing, and Performing

The student will read and demonstrate understanding of simple rhythmic patterns using iconic or standard notations. (simple notation, including: quarter note/rest, eighth notes (paired), sixteenth-notes, (i.e., four sounds on a beat), half note/rest )

The student will read and demonstrate understanding of simple patterns in meters of 2 and 3.

The student will read and demonstrate understanding of simple patterns of pitch using solfege (e.g., so-mi, la-so-mi, mi-re-do, la-so-mi-re-do).

  • Unit 1.2- Performance

The student will sing alone and/or with others a varied repertoire of music from diverse cultures, including unison songs and patterns with musical accuracy.

The student will play songs using classroom instruments and body percussion.

Trimester 2

  • Unit 2.1- Cultural and Historical

The student will use personal vocabulary to describe voices and instruments from diverse cultures.

The student will recognize and discuss music representing various cultures.

  • Unit 2.2- Understanding Connecting Music to the Arts and/or Other Disciplines

The student will identify ways other disciplines are interrelated with music using personal vocabulary, movement, or singing/playing.

Trimester 3

  • Unit 3.1- Improvising, Composing and/or Arranging

The student will improvise songs to accompany play activities.

The student will improvise rhythmic patterns to accompany song.

  • Unit 3.2- Analyze and/or Describe

The student will identify and describe basic musical elements of pitch and rhythm in selected pieces of music.

The student will identify simple musical forms.

The student will identify individual timbres of instruments and voices in a variety of music.

  • Unit 3.3- Evaluate

The student will use age appropriate music vocabulary to critique music.

The student will purposeful movement and drawings to demonstrate an awareness of the aesthetic qualities evoked by music

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