Grade 5 Music

Welcome to Grade 5 Music Curriculum

Here you can find the resources for Grade 5 Music Curriculum, arranged by trimester and unit. Expand the trimester to reveal what your student will be working on.

Trimester 1

  • Unit 1.1- Reading, Writing, Performing

Dotted eighth-sixteenth/ sixteenth-dotted eighth, three barred-eighths & quarter-eighth & eighth-quarter in 6/8, and eighth note triplets

Meter in five, meter in seven, and mixed meter

Patterns of pitch pentatonic and/or diatonic major and minor patterns using solfege and/or absolute pitch letter names

  • Unit 1.2- Performance

Singing a varied repertoire including two and three part arrangements with musical accuracy

Playing classroom instruments, pitched percussion and non-pitched percussion instruments

Trimester 2

  • Unit 2.1- Cultural and Historical Understanding

Identifying instruments from a variety of cultures both visually and aurally

Describe the social, religious, and/or celebratory functions of a variety of musical form from various cultures and/or time periods.

  • Unit 2.2- Connecting Music to the Arts and/or Other Disciplines

Finding the connections between musical content and other disciplines

Trimester 3

  • Unit 3.1- Improvising, Composing and/or Arranging

Improvising simple rhythmic variations and melodic embellishments on familiar melodies

Composing melodic variations or short original melodies based on specified parameters

  • Unit 3.2- Students Analyze and/or Describe Music

Describing music and identifying melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre using age appropriate vocabulary

Identifying simple musical forms

Identifying and classifying timbres using specified categories

  • Unit 3.3- Evaluate Music

Evaluate using age-appropriate music vocabulary to critique music

Evaluate using appropriate music vocabulary to identify aesthetic qualities in music and explain personal preferences for a specific musical composition

Grade 5 Music Curriculum Documents