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Here you can find the resources for Grade 5 Art Curriculum, arranged by trimester and unit. Expand the trimester to reveal what your student will be working on.

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Trimester 1

  • Unit 1.1 - Application of Elements and Principles (1)

The student will use the elements/ principles of art in an abstract design using cut paper by studying an abstract artist such as Stuart Davis.

The student will create a mechanical design (templates) using shapes, color and repetition.

  • Unit 1.2 - Application of Elements and Principles (2)

The student will recognize and use positive and negative concept using black and white cut paper design. The student will draw object, such as owls, from observation, focusing on details, with black and white.

The student will use cool and warm color contrast used by artists, such as Charles Demuth, to create a drawn design using the elements/principles.

Trimester 2

  • Unit 2.1- Significance of Art in Culture

The student will investigate a collection of art, such the Lescaux paintings of early man, create their version and reflect in writing upon the significance of the collection.

The student will use a one letter with embellishment and border to replicate ancient letter style.

  • Unit 2.2- Famous Paintings

The student will replicate an abstract style using circles and lines, such as the work of Sonia Delauney.

The student will replicate the realistic landscape style using an appropriate range of colors, such the landscapes of Monet.

The student will use precision design, polysymetrics, and reflection, such as cutting and arranging snowflakes or hearts, or using a ruler or model to create lines to form a measured design.

Trimester 3

  • Unit 3.1- Making a Statement through Iconic Design Elements

The student will study the background of an artist, examine the artists work and then replicate the style of the artist through an original design, such the work of Peter Max or the Cameroon society.

The student will reflect through writing on the style of the artist and the connection to history.

  • Unit 3.2- Designing Process

The student will a product, such as a watch, that combines, theme, color, and design that targets an intended audience.

The student will examine household products or design, such as Asian screens and create a pattern that relates or blends together and can be used on the product investigated.

Grade 5 Art Curriculum Documents