Grade 1 Art

Welcome to Grade 1 Art Curriculum

Here you can find the resources for Grade 1 Art Curriculum, arranged by trimester and unit. Expand the trimester to reveal what your student will be working on.

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Trimester 1

  • Unit 1.1 - Using Media Tools

The student will appropriately use art media tools, such as crayons, markers, payons, colored pencils, and construction paper.

The student will name and use different kinds of lines, shapes to create an image. (wavy line; horizontal/vertical line; etc.)

Trimester 2

  • Unit 2.1- Independence with Basic Techniques

The student will independently use basic skills on the use of media techniques such as cutting, pasting, multi-media use, and stamping.

Trimester 3

  • Unit 3.1- Drawing with Detail

The student will incorporate more detail in the drawing with minimal prompting, such as a door knob on the door or body detail on their self-portrait.

The student will demonstrate motor control when using art tools.

Student will use symmetry to complete a drawing, such as a still life.

Grade 1 Art Curriculum Documents