Graphic Communications

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. We agree, but say you should still design a good cover anyway. As the famous designer, Mark King once said, “design is the body language of your marketing.” It sends visual cues to your audience and sets the tone for their relationship with your brand.

Our Graphic Communications CTE Pathway does a deep dive into the principles of quality design and effective graphic communication strategies, and acquaints students with essential design software including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Throughout this program, students will complete work associated with the GAERF- PrintED Certification — which ensures students have industry-standard skills in graphic communications. Most importantly, this program helps students to transform their artistic skills into a highly marketable workforce skill that will help them gain entry into college and obtain a high-paying graphic communications job.

Program Timeline

In addition to the suggested course timeline below, students must meet BHS’ graduation requirements.*

Grade 9

Technology Explorations

1 academic credit

Grade 10

Graphic Communication I

1 academic credit

Grade 11

Graphic Communication II

1 academic credit

Grade 12

Graphic Communication III

1 academic credit

*We recommend pairing coursework in Graphic Communications and Computer Science

What You'll Learn

  • In Graphic Communication I, you’ll be introduced to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, the history of graphic design, and the fundamental principles of graphic design.

  • In Graphic Communication II, you’ll learn about typographic principles, image integration to design, how to use strong visual concepts to communicate effectively, color correction, and more.

  • In Graphic Communication III, you’ll refine your graphic design skills even further. This class will focus on students completing a series of real-world design projects for the school and local community. This will help students refine their communication skills and develop a portfolio of their work.