Burrillville High School students are builders, creators, and engineers who see their visions come to life on paper, in technical design, and in tangible objects. Our teachers lead by example, providing students hands-on work and relevant course material. Through this pathway, students aren’t merely reading about what it takes to create products for customers – they’re rolling their sleeves up and doing just that. Students see projects through, from beginning conception stages to final products ready for consumers – all while earning college credits.

Whether they are developing championship-level robots from scratch with state-of-the-art equipment competing with the robotics team or collaborating with Construction Management CTE students to develop products, our young engineers learn what it takes to work as part of a collective, the importance of detail and problem-solving, and about the fulfilling feeling of saying, “I made this.”

Program Timeline

In addition to the suggested course timeline below, students must meet BHS’ graduation requirements.

Grade 9

Technology Explorations

1 credit

Grade 10

Intro. to Engineering Design

1 credit

Grade 11

Principles of Engineering

1 credit

Grade 12

Computer Aided Manufacturing (2019-2020)

1 credit

What You'll Learn

  • In Intro. to Engineering Design, you’ll learn common approaches to industry problems and begin designing with 3D modeling software all through hands-on, open-ended projects.

  • In Principles of Engineering, you’ll explore mechanisms, structural and material integrity, and automation, and continue to develop problem-solving, research, and design skills.

  • In Computer Aided Manufacturing, you’ll design and program robots using SolidWorks and generate G-code for programming CNC mills to create them.